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This violin solo program is full of contrasts: from reflective and meditative atmospheres to passages of great virtuosity and joy in playing. The varied repertoire provides a unique insight into the versatility of the violin as a solo instrument.

Brothers Gerard and Anton Spronk have been playing together for as long as they can remember. Their first performances together at ages four and seven developed into two international careers. As a duo, they played for the former Queen Beatrix and performed in England, France, Switzerland, the United States and India. The bond that Gerard and Anton have as brothers results in a strong musical intuition and complete trust in each other on stage. The program is a selection of their favorite works for violin & cello.

In 2013, Gerard co-founded the Delta Piano Trio, currently working together with cellist Nuala McKenna and pianist Vera Kooper. In 2020, the trio won the Kersjes Prize, the most important chamber music award in the Netherlands, worth 50,000 euros. Each season they present their new exciting concert programs to venues around the world.

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